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  • Most of the people who come in my door charged with various drug possession charges usually have the same general facts involved in their case. They are driving along, and get pulled over by a law enforcement officer. During the course of the traffic stop, the Officer starts inquiring about drugs. The Officer’s inquiry isn’t […]

  • In 2009 the Florida Legislature bowed to repeated lobbying and complaints by law enforcement officials and amended a statute meant just to force motorists to yield to emergency vehicles. In an effort to protect law enforcement on the roadways, the statute was amended with a new subsection that read, “If an authorized emergency vehicle displaying […]

  • In many states, law enforcement is granted the power to demand a breath test through a portable breath testing device on the roadside as part of a DUI investigation. A great number of people feel that this is a logical way to conduct a DUI investigation since suspects with a low breath alcohol sample don’t […]

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